Chingola Council blind to protect road infrastructure

 Chingola Council blind to protect road infrastructure

Dear editor,

I’m so disappointed with our local authority Chingola Municipal Council.

Fern Avenue is still under construction and was opened to the public not more than two months ago.

But Chingola Council is blind to supervise the damage caused to Fern Avenue paving by some heavy trucks.

This started soon after the pavements were fixed by the contractor. A Heavy truck started parking right on the pavement causing damage to the pavement in the process.

This Truck belongs to Real Masters of Ndola. It parks on the pavement to sell merchandise opposite Carnival Furniture.

That pavement is now worn out while the local authority sits and allows this scenario to continue.

How can we develop and move forward if we shall let things being repaired or newly built be spoiled with impunity and no one pays mind to it.

I implore the authority to take Real Masters to task over this matter. If possible, Real Masters must fix this mess.

Malangiza Chaziya
Concerned Resident

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