Chingola Constituency PF Chairman is a lier

 Chingola Constituency PF Chairman is a lier

Agnes Tonga writes;

The Chingola Constituency Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson, Richard Mutale who is also Kabungo Ward Councillor went on air, claiming he has bought an incubator for his ward, after lobbying the Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa.

The handover ceremony was done transparently but later the Councilor went public claiming he had used his personal resources to empower his ward.

This is total indiscipline and day light robbery. Leaders at all levels must conduct themselves with honor.

If a ward leader and a Constituency Chairperson, who is supposed to be the link between the people and the MP can lie over something that is already in public domain, what of other donations that may be small but important.

I have worked with both Hon Matthew Nkhuwa and Hon Chali Chilombo they always donate for funerals, sicknesses, airport trips, just to name a few. All this is done through party officials for the affected constituents.

I hope the powers that be will come forward and discipline the known official. Let us root out corruption. What he had done is unacceptable.

This is my personal opinion.

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