Chingola clinics have drugs-Mayor

By Staff Writer
‘Clinics in Chingola have drugs contrary to media reports,’ Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has said.

Speaking soon after he made a spot check inspection, Mr Tembo said he was impressed with stocks in all the clinics he visited.

Though he said the congestion at Chawama Clinic was making service delivery to be slow.

“The catchment area for Chawama is huge coupled with the nature of the community which is surrounded with huge population and high levels of bad vices,” he said.

The Mayor who checked for his sugar levels at Kabundi clinic said he was impressed with cleanliness at the government clinic.

He advised Chingola District Director of Health Dr Davis Mwewa to make emergency orders of drugs in case some run out before the time when they are supposed to order.

At Chawama Clinic Sister-In-Charge Gladys Mpharo implored the Mayor to lobby Zesco to give the clinic a dedicated power line to save the clinic from regular power outages?

Ms Mpharo said running the standby generator has proven to be very costly.

And Dr Mwewa also asked the Mayor to help fix the Air Conditioning machine in the lab at Chawama Clinic saying the temperature was affecting the tests especially for Tuberculosis.

“We need cleaning materials which run out quickly because of patient turnout. We are also having a challenge with food to feed the admitted patients,” he said.

He visited Chawama, Kabundi and Guy Scott clinics.

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