Chingola: Chinese firm ‘Hanhe’ forcing workers to work 12hrs per day

Dear Editor,

Please speak for us as employees of Chinese contracted firm Hanhe Industries Zambia Limited at Nchanga concentrator.

Imagine are working from 05:30 hours to 17:30hrs for those in day shift while those in night shift start from 18:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs.

For loader operators are paid K3, 000 per month while Excavator operators get K3, 300 without hospital allowance and we are only given K2, 000 as gratuity at the end of each year.

You can as well refer to the payslip in the picture.

Ukufola ni kumaboko no bank. Late payments. We work like slaves I’m telling you. Non-stop production minimum wage yakana because we work longer hours leaving our bodies and chest pains derailed.

We work for four days in a week and two days off nomba still tayumfwinka.

Out worked Employee
Nchanga Concentrator

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