Chingola Chamber challenges media to spur growth

 Chingola Chamber challenges media to spur growth

Chingola Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) has called on the media to be a tool that will promote and build people and the business community.

Chingola Chamber President Freddie Musonda said that the media is a powerful avenue that can be used to help the business community to rise up to district innovative levels.

Mr Musonda said the district has a local and worldwide expertise of both human and resource material required for such a task.

He said that the media should not just concentrate on some sensational gossip going on around the political arena but should also focus on the real issues affecting the people’s economic evolution.

Mr Musonda said the media has the power to build so if the media’s focus is on the right topic in society then everyone can benefit, they will definitely influence growth in the target sector.

He said the business community is facing a lot of problems at the moment that once the media highlight on them, people will come through and help.

“I’m challenging the local media to build and not to destroy as they have the ability to do so and find better ways to promote economic evolution as they report their stories,” he said.

He cited Market Data – BBC News, Business Chronicle, Business News – China Economy, China Daily, and Business Times among others.

“We have a lot of yet untapped resources around us that need fresh minds to be challenged to exploit them. A company in Lusaka has just started making Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles from recycled plastics converting waste senescence into exploitable resource. The biggest resource as country have is idle human resource looking at livelihood possibilities. This is where as a Chamber has continued to invite international experts to change train and change the mind sets of our idle human resource.

“Our focus is to think outside the closed box. So the media we challenge you to be catalyst of economic growth. The Chamber at its annual awards shall recognize such media path openers to new business ideas,” he said.

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