Chingola: 6 suspects arrested in connection with gassing

 Chingola: 6 suspects arrested in connection with gassing

By Alice Nachilembe and Bwale Mutanuka
Police in Chingola have arrested six suspects in connection the gassing incidences in Chingola.

Speaking to Journalists in Chingola today, Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso said police are also holding various assortment of items that they suspects have been using.

Mr Kapeso said of the six suspects, five are men and one is a woman, all of them aged in the range between 18 to 26 years.

He said the police has useful information that has given them further avenues of investigation and will take advantage to zero in on the suspects.

Mr Kapeso has expressed gratitude to government for the support that has been given especially in terms of transport.

He said police will not rest until they bring the culprits to book.

“The suspects have hinted 20 names of the masterminds which will be followed by the police. But I wish to assure the members of the public that the situation will normalize soon,” he said.

Mr Kapeso has warned civilians especially the District Commissioners and the Mayor not to issue any statements on behalf of the police.

And Neighborhood Watch Chairperson for Mutenda Dawson Lubelenga explained that at first they first apprehended one man who was not dressed and took him to Muchinshi police post.

Mr Lubelenga said the suspect is the one who led the police to apprehend others.


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