Chingola: 200 Teachers receive May Day awards

 Chingola: 200 Teachers receive May Day awards


Chingola education authorities have awarded over 200 Teachers ahead of Labour Day falling on May 1.

This Year’s Labour Day themed; ‘Promoting Industrialisation through Productivity, descent work and sustainable economic development amid Covid-19,’ will be celebrated virtually.

It is against this background that institutions like Education have started awarding their staff.

The initiative which was organized by the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Noah Simulunga working together with Head Teachers and other stakeholders in the district is a way of motivating the teachers in order to improve pupil performance in the district.

Mr Simulunga said that the occasion was created in order to motivate teacher’s performance and pupils for excellent results.

He said that his office will be acknowledging hard working teachers by awarding high achieving teachers and pupils.

Mr Simulunga said that the performance was not as expected last year, hence the need to strategies on how best the district can go back to its position in terms of high performance in the province.

He said that 241 teachers will be given various awards and 128 pupils will be awarded for best performance and hardworking respectively.

“The district has two zones and in those zones teachers have set an average mark of 75 percent pass rate for pupils and they are working hard towards that mark and improve the performance for the district,” he said.

And Chingola District Commissioner Agnes Tonga said that communities that value performance have made it a traditional to award outstanding achievers and government attaches great importance to education.

Ms Tonga said that education is the cornerstone for increased social economic status and an equalizer the reason DEBS office are awarding and appreciating hard working teachers with Government support.

She said the teachers have not just achieved academically but also helping leaners to score high and better the performance in the district.

The DC congratulated teachers and urged them them to keep in mind that pupils look out to them with great expectations as mentors and friends.

She expressed gratitude to the cooperating partners who came on board to render support, such as Atlas Mara, Unifi, DREAMS and Ibute Tutu driving school which has offered 11 driving scholarship to outstanding pupils who completed last year.

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