Chingola: 130 churches allowed to congregate

 Chingola: 130 churches allowed to congregate

Chingola Municipal Council (CMC) has certified over 130 churches giving them greenlight to be congregating.

Those allowed to congregate have been given prescribed preventive measures to adhere to in order to fight coronavirus pandemic.

Chingola Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Donna Mbalwe said the churches permitted to be gathering had their premises inspected to ensure that they met all Health permit guidelines as prescribed by the Ministries of Health and Local Government.

Ms Mbalwe said that the Department of Public Health also received 20 applications for weddings and Chilanga Mulilo ceremonies.

She said all of them were permitted with caution that they take note of the attendant lists.

Ms Mbalwe said that the Council rejected four applications from churches that conduct their prayers in classrooms and houses.

She said that schools will be disinfected for pupils in examination classes who will open in the first week of June and that houses have no space for public gatherings and did not meet the standards.

“The Council Inspectors in collaboration with the Council Police will continue the duty of monitoring church premises to ensure that there is levels of compliance. We will do this with the help of Church Mother Bodies that have been engaged and cautioned by the council to be reminding their members from time to time on the importance of following the guidelines.

“The Council has also continued to inspect and close down restaurants which do no follow the laid down guidelines. Members of the general public are urged to alert the council if they observe business owners who are not adhering to the preventive measures as well as bus drivers who are allowing passengers to board without wearing masks,” she said.

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