Chinese youths are employers-Don Mungulube

Copperbelt PF Youth Chairperson Don Mungulube says most of the Chinese youths are employers who have been co-opted by Chinese government in its poverty reduction agenda.

Speaking in an interview with The Independent Observer from China, Mr Mungulube said China’s working culture of involving youths is the reason of its current economic status as being the fastest growing economy in the world.

He said the participation of youths in the industrialization process has turned many Chinese youths into becoming employers and bigger contributors to the national food basket.

Mr Mungulube who is a team leader for the delegation of 32 Zambian youths, said the sites he visited were all pointing to China’s belief in the youthful leadership because most of them are run by the youths.

He said China had invested its skills by sending the youths to learn advanced skills coupled with technology thereby making them key players on the poverty Reduction program of its country.

“The lessons learnt are that Zambia can also turn around its economy especially under President Edgar Lungu who has so far demonstrated his interest in working with the youthful leadership as seen from appointment of youths to key and decision making positions.

“China’s culture carries the greatest fundamentals of its agenda to making everyone become self-sustainable and not depend on government handouts. Under the Big Rice pot concept China believes in walking together, sharing, living together never to give up and live China a better place than they found it,” he said.

The 32 Zambian youths are attending a Seminar in Beijing in China on Integrated Rural and Urban Development and Poverty Reduction for Zambia.

The program runs up to October 4, 2019 and during the official opening the 32 youths from Zambia will also visit other Provinces of China.

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