Chinese national arrested in Livingstone for military training

 Chinese national arrested in Livingstone for military training

Police in Southern Province of Zambia have arrested a Chinese National for allegedly conducting illegal military training in Livingstone.

Illegal military training is an offence in Zambia.  CAP 87 and section 66 of the Laws of Zambia unlawful drilling forbidden because it has potential of breeding rebel like activities.

Southern Police Chief Bonny Kapeso has confirmed the arrest of  a Chinese national with eight Zambians undergoing military training.

Mr Kapeso said the nine were arrested for unlawful military training (drills) and using suspected military attire in Livingstone yesterday.

He said the eight Zambians who are employed by a named security company and owned by a Zambian were being trained by a Chinese national who ordered uniforms from China.

“Upon investigations, one pistol, seven shotguns and one big air gun with a box containing shotgun ammunition were recovered allegedly owned by the security company proprietor.

“The group has been conducting trainings without clearance from the police, because the uniform used looks similar to the one used by Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZWA),” he said.

Mr Kapeso said the team had set up camp about 10 kilometres north of Livingstone’s weighbridge and two kilometres off great North road.

“Police are waiting for the owner of the security company to establish ownership of the guns since he is based in Lusaka. All the nine suspects are in police custody helping,” he said with investigations.

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