Chinese electric crane manufacturer partners with FS Musonda

 Chinese electric crane manufacturer partners with FS Musonda

Top Chinese crane manufacturer Pawell Toptech Machinery and Chingola’s FS Musonda Engineering firm have partnered to supply, repair and maintain cranes in Zambia. 

The partnership of supplying of process Overhead Electric Travelling (OET) cranes and repairing is a milestone step to aid the growth of the mining industry.

FS Musonda, a reputable local firm with a big footprint in the mining industry, will work with the Chinese company to repair cranes and other heavy-duty lifting equipment.

Pawell Toptech Machinery is a global manufacturer and supplier of process Overhead Electric Travelling (OET) cranes and lifting equipment.

Pawell Toptech also standardizes cranes according to the specifications and demands of the specific countries or consumers.

The partnership is also a good start for Zambia, which outsources such services mostly from South Africa.

Speaking in an interview, FS Musonda Managing Director Freddie Musonda, said Pawell Toptech manufactures equipment for European markets and the partnership entails that Zambian mines can buy at better price with warranty.

The partnership gives FS Musonda better capacity to supply, repair and maintain new generation modern power efficient processing cranes, he said.

“The partnership means that we will have skills-exchange programs to further equip our local personnel to handle most of the projects. If the project is (big) and complicated, we will bring in the manufacturers to work with FS Musonda here in Zambia,” he added.

Mr Musonda commented that, “The partnership will build a long term mutual beneficial (relationship) to develop business… My team will be going for training in China to improve expertise. The electric OET cranes simplify work in the workshops and pump stations,” he said.

Most of the cranes in the mines are old and require new technology called ‘intelligent cranes.’

He said with this partnership, it means FS Musonda can economically refurbish old cranes in order to give them a new longer life fitted with new hoisting crabs and new power control panels.

“Our future intentions are to lobby the manufacturer to set up a process electric plant in Zambia because our country boasts of raw materials (steel) used in manufacturing the same cranes.

“The setting up of a plant if achieved would improve material handling at our processing plants and reduce down time Zambia needs,” because lifting services would be within easy reach.



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