China Zambia Trade and Investment should respect labor laws

 China Zambia Trade and Investment should respect labor laws

By Staff Writer
Former aspiring MP for Mufulira Central Constituency on the UPND ticket, Geoffrey Luchele says  the China Zambia trade and investment Forum, is an achievement for the President Hichilema and government.

Mr Luchele said the investment forum has the potential to create hundreds of jobs for the youths and women though trade and serious investments.

Mr Luchele said that investment should come with respect to Labor laws, good working conditions, safety, good salaries and putting a Zambian first

“For more than 50 years we have shared bilateral relations with China, we have witnessed great trade and investment between the two countries.”

“In has much has we need China for transfer of technology and industrialisation and China have put up an investment plan to a tune of $ 20 Billion dollars to increase social economic transformation which is a welcome move, but we must not forget to address the Labor problems affecting most of the Chinese companies,’’ he said.

Mr Luchele said that Zambians want to see a win – win situation, whereby not only one country should be seen to be benefiting more than the other.

He said the country’s labor laws and culture must not be traded for investment.

“It’s my humble appeal to the Labor and social security minister Brenda Tambatamba to put her fit down in seeing that all investors appreciates the Labor laws and culture of this country,” he said.