Chilundika disappointed with KCM memo

 Chilundika disappointed with KCM memo

Nchanga constituency Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika has expressed serious disappointment at the board of trustees in charge of KCM private pension scheme.

Reacting to the KCM memo that was earlier released today, Mr Chilundika said barely a week ago he advised the board of trustees and directed them to reopen other avenues of options available for paying miners in full.

Mr Chilundika who is also Luapula minister said his concern was that the unionized employees will not be getting benefits and splitting the money into percentages will mean nothing to them.

“I am very disappointed to hear that the board of trustees through its chairperson has issued another memo to say the board will stand by its earlier communication of paying off 21% to the miners, this is total disregard to an instruction that was given by me as a member of parliament and one of the Ministers,” he said.

Mr Chilundika stressed that there is no correspondence in his office whatsoever where the come through with answers whether or not they had found other avenues as promised in the meeting.

“I strongly warned that this is not going to be entertained there could be some political elements that want to upset miners so that they can lose confidence in the New Dawn government, which will not be allowed,” he said.

Mr Chilundika appealed to unionized miners to remain calm and continue working, but has advised them to ignore the memo saying something better may come up soon.

He said that action will be taken against KCM private pension scheme board of trustees as this is an indication that they have no interest in the pride of miners especially the unionized employees.