Chilubi DC requests Govt to relocate people in flooded areas


Chilubi District Commissioner Gilbert Mwila has written to the Northern Province Permanent Secretary to consider relocating people in flooded areas such as Buumba and Luangwa wards.

Mr Mwila says the District Administration in liason with civic and traditional leadership in the area have unanimously agreed to ask government to urgently evacuate and relocate people to identified sites.

“About 10, 000 people need to be relocated and the two identified sites for relocation are Ntunda and Misalwe. Over 10000 houses have so far collapsed in the two wards and more are collapsing each day as we continue experiencing heavy rainfall,” said Mr. Mwila.

He said the people in the area are asking Government to urgently and possibly intervene into the situation by evacuating and relocating them to safe high grounds.

Mr. Mwila further indicated that the people are asking Government to help supply assorted food stuff, blankets and Chlorine as well provide shelter such as tents.

He disclosed that the two Government institutions in the area, Mayuka Rural Health Center and the newly upgraded Mayuka Secondary School, have been flooded.

“Government workers at the institutions have also requested to be relocated together with the Community to a safer place where they will temporary be servicing people on the two critical wards as their services are Paramount in the current situation,” he added.