Chililabombwe youths lunch campaign for vedanta to come back

 Chililabombwe youths lunch campaign for vedanta to come back

Over three hundred Chililabombwe youths have presented a petition to mines Minister Paul Kabuswe demanding for the return of Vedanta Resources at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Vedanta must return campaign Coordinator Chishala Mwamba said they believe that the current government will make a decision that will benefit the people of Chililabobwe as it is a government for the people.

Mr Mwamba also said that lack of recapitalization in KCM is leading to stunted production which is weakening the country’s economy.

“Chililabobwe is in need of sustainable Social Cooperate responsibility to develop and it needs these services from Vedanta resources, if Vedanta comes back, government should ensure that they make annually reports so that promises made are fulfilled, they should also prioritise local contractors” he said.

And Mr Mwamba said that if Vedanta returns there is need for Government to sign an agreement with the local people which will ensure commitment to their role of providing to the community through Social Cooperate Responsibility.

He said that Government should ensure that they set conditions and agreements that will bid Vedanta to provide what is required of them.

And receiving the petition, Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe said his office has neither accepted nor refused the petition.

Mr Kabuswe said he will deliver the petition to cabinet and President Hakainde Hichilema for the final say.

“I do not have the final say on this matter, I’m a just representative, the petition will be taken to the final decision makers, whatever will follow next we will let you know, because we are in a hurry to ensure that KCM and other mines on the Copperbelt comes back to life,’” he said.