Chililabombwe Medical Boss annoyed with mosquito nets abuse

 Chililabombwe Medical Boss annoyed with mosquito nets abuse

Chililabombwe District Health Superintendent Martha Chakulimba has said that the inappropriate use of the mosquito nets is a threat to the fight against malaria.

Dr Chakulimba also said Chililabombwe is targeting to spray 25,000 homes during the indoor residual spraying campaign.

Speaking during the launch of the indoor residual spraying campaign Dr Chakulimba said the nets are used for other purposes by the members of the community other than sleeping under them.

She said indoor spraying is an important intervention to achieve malaria elimination for the national target with other interventions of mosquito net use.Nets

Dr Chakulimba said the launch was done into two phases in catchment areas most hit with malaria Kawama and PPZ respectively.

“The campaign which is conducted by the Ministry of Health has received support from the global fund stakeholders like Konkola Copper Mine (KCM), Lubambe Copper Mines, Chililabombwe Municipal Council and local Businessmen,” she said.

Chililabombwe Mayor Christabel Mulala encouraged the communities to have their house sprayed and avoid misusing mosquito nets.Dr Chakulimba with Chililabombwe Mayor

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