Chililabombwe Mayor sends back vulnerable kids to school


Chililabombwe Mayor Christabel Mulala has sponsored 15 vulnerable children back to school.

Those targeted are children in the peri-urban of Chililabombwe and already in school.

Ms Mulala has told The Independent Observer that the education program is aimed at empowering the vulnerable children with education.

She said as a Teacher by profession the best gift that she can give to children which can last for a life time once given is education.

Ms Mulala said she has seen the need in peri-urban areas because a lot of children want to learn but they have no one to pay fees for them.

“I’m going into peri-urban looking for vulnerable children who have interest in school but have no one to support them to school.

“Sending these children back to school is like teaching them how to fish so that every day they can be eating fish. If I give them money, it will be utilised for a day and the next presents its own problems but teaching children is insuring their future,” she said.

Ms Mulala said that education is an equalizer, hence the need for the vulnerable to have access to education.

She said her education program is in tandem with Ministry of Education which is advocating of not leaving any child behind in obtaining education.