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Chililabombwe Member of Parliament Richard Musukwa in collaboration with the National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) and Chililabombwe Municipal Council have started road mending.

The remedial measures are aimed mitigating the deplorable state of roads in former ZCCM Townships and the Chingola-Chililabombwe international route.

Mr Musukwa who has donated 10 drums of bitumen towards the road mending project, said the move is aimed at showing the local authority on the need to carry out periodic road maintenance.

Speaking through his Parliamentary Assistant Ricky Kamboyi, Mr Musukwa said Avic Construction currently doing roads in Chingola is earmarked to move to Chililabombwe after finishing with Chingola roads.

He said the road mending is meant to make the roads motorable.

Mr Musukwa who is also Mines Minister appealed to the Minister of Infrastructure to attach the importance to the awful state of Chingola-Chililabombwe road and the Township roads in for ZCCM Townships of Chililabombwe.

He thanked all business houses of Chililabombwe for helping, among then are Lubambe Copper Mines for donating five drums of bitumen, Konkola Copper Mines and Crushtek for contributing aggregated stone and waste rock.

NAT-MAZ Deputy Secretary General Henry Kashiki said the initiative took off due to bad state of the roads.

Mr Kashiki said bad roads make the cost of doing expensive.

He said the mending of the roads would make the roads passable thereby cutting the time in which to transport goods and services from point to the other.

And Chililabombwe Municipal Council Director of Engineering Elias Mwalaba said the local authority shouldn’t wait on the Road Development Agency to do some remedial measures.

Mr Mwalaba said local authority will continue to engage stakeholders for the betterment of the municipality.