Chililabombwe Councillor suspended for forgery

 Chililabombwe Councillor suspended for forgery

Chililabombwe Municipal Council has suspended Kafue PF Ward Councillor Jane Mutwale for forging and altering documents allowing her to attend an event in Eswatini.

The Civic leader was not on the list of those travelling to Swaziland.

The Council held a special Council meeting on Monday in which it decided that Councillor Jane Mutwale be suspended for six months.

The suspension was in line with the Local Government act and Councillors code of conduct.

It was later discovered that two people forged and altered documents from Cabinet Office to allow them to travel, Sharon Sisya, Chililabombwe Council Chief Committee Clerk, being the second person.

Ms Sisya has since been given a summary dismissal as her case has been taken to the Ministry for further guidance.

Upon discovery by the Lusaka Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Local Government demanded an explanation on how Chililabombwe Council found themselves in Eswatini when it was not among those chosen.

A trip which saw an expenditure of more than K97, 000.


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