Chililabobwe Council warns against misuse of play park

 Chililabobwe Council warns against misuse of play park


Chililabombwe Municipal Council are disappointed at the continued misuse of the district’s public play park for illicit activities.

CMC Assistant Public Relations Manager Evelyn Mulenga said Council has noticed with dismay the use of the play park for erroneous activities such as alcohol abuse, sexual acts and indiscriminate disposal of waste by members of the public.

Ms Mulenga said the play park, which is meant to be used as a recreational and social facility has unfortunately been turned into a place for illicit sex and alcohol consumption.

She said during routine cleaning of the Central Business Town, it has been observed that the park premise has several used condoms thrown around and bottles of beer carelessly dumped.

Ms Mulenga said Council will not spare anyone found wanting for these unlawful activities as they will have to face the wrath of the law.

She said the local authority will further consider closing the park if the trend prolongs.

Ms Mulenga says the municipality has also observed that the park has been turned into a garbage site by some residents despite the council placing refuse bins within the play park.

” Members of the public are warned against careless dumping of waste as it leads to drainage blockages and creates uncontrollable garbage which in turn becomes a great health risk especially during the rainy season, she said.

Ms Mulenga said the Council further appeals to residents to use garbage bins provided or hold on to waste and dispose of it properly at their homes.

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