Chikola is children’s battle ground

Dear Editor,

I write to authorities in particular, the Zambia Police command and the local authority that we are sitting on a time bomb in Chingola’s Chikola Township.

The authorities should take keen interest of what is taking place to the south west of Chikola Secondary School near the railway line.

Children between the ages of nine and 15 meet every day in the afternoon in order to play football. The children come from Chiwempala and Chabanyama Townships.

Sadly, after the football match these lads start fighting and throwing tones at each other, even using catapult. The place is turned into a battle field.

Something very bad will happen to these innocent children if we don’t act quickly.

Zambia Police should patrol the area between 16:30 hrs and 18:00 hrs. They will witness what takes place there.

Let us defuse this time bomb before it explodes.

Sam B Kalaba
Concerned Parent.

The Independent Observer

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