Chief’s participation in politics dividing subjects, Chiefdoms- Silavwe

 Chief’s participation in politics dividing subjects, Chiefdoms- Silavwe

Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) President Jackson Silavwe says that Chiefs active participation in politics have divided Subjects and Chiefdoms in the country.

Mr Silavwe said he is dismayed with the way traditional and religious leaders have been drawn in active politics, opening up themselves to all sorts of ridicule and insults.

“Our message to the politicians seeking power at all costs is clear, Leave Their Royal Highnesses Out Of Your Politics, It Is beneath them,” he said.

He said traditional and religious leaders over the years have been the custodians of our country’s collective beliefs upon which shoulders rests for the nations peace and dignity.

Mr Silavwe said that traditional leadership has been a great source of moral wisdom and knowledge in uniting the people.

He said traditional and religious leaders should always remain political because they are the real fathers and mothers of the nation that should embrace all the children regardless of their political affiliation.

Mr Silavwe said royal highnesses have a duty and responsibility to provide counsel and guidance on national issues without any form of biasness; hence they cannot afford to be political.

He said chiefdoms traditional leaders have subjects that are affiliated to various political parties, their active participation or public endorsements of political candidates may become a great source of conflict.

Mr Silavwe urged traditional and religious leaders to uphold and maintain o national values and identity. He has appealed to royal highnesses and religious leaders to stay away from active politics for the sake of their subjects and our country.C

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