Chief Musongwe appeals for a proper road network

 Chief Musongwe appeals for a proper road network

Chief Musongwe of Itezhi-tezhi District in Central Province has appealed to the government to urgently work on the Itezhi-tezhi Namwala road which is in a deplorable state.

Chief Musongwe said the road which connects the region to Southern Province has seen a number of accidents happening resulting in several people losing lives.

“I want to express sadness that contractors who have previously been engaged to work on the road have failed to do so saying the problem is also widespread across other Chiefdoms,” he said.

The traditional leader was speaking when Chiefs Shimbizi, Kaingu, and Chisongo met President Edgar Lungu on sunday

Chief Musongwe also complained about the only health facility in the district, saying it’s not sufficient enough to be called a mini-hospital.

And President Lungu said the failure by successive Members of Parliament to lobby for development in the area caused development delays.

President Lungu further assured the Chiefs that all their concerns will be addressed.