Chawama clinic in black out

 Chawama clinic in black out

By Staff Writer
Zesco lines in Twatasha Township of Chingola District has been Vandalised causing Chawama Clinic to be in the dark for the past four days.

Chawama Clinic Sister in Charge Gladys Mpharo said the facility has had no power and water for the past four days.

Ms Mpharo said Management thought that it was load shedding only to discover that they was vandalism that took place.

She said operations at the facility depends on power to pump water, and conduct other health service which is making it hard for them to work.

And in the night the facility depends on the solar which only caters for the lab, data room.

Speaking during a check at Chawama Clinic yesterday, Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chinupi said this is an emergency that needs an urgent solution as the facility needs power to run throughout.

Mr Chimupi said Chawama Clinic has a large catchment area hence the need for the situation to be addressed in both short term and long term.

Meanwhile, Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe said Chingola Municipal Council (CMC) will see to it that a standby generator is in good condition whenever there is power cut.

And ZESCO Senior Area Manager North Western Region Sydney Chinjenge said the line has been Vandalized in Twatasha area causing a high voltage when power is switched on.

Mr Chinjenge said that they are working around the clock to restore power at the facility.

A check today at the facility proved that Zesco was working around the clock as power has been restored and water was been pumped.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.