Chanda asks to be aquitted

 Chanda asks to be aquitted

Former State House Spokesperson, Amos Chanda and two others have asked the Magistrates Court to acquit them because the state has not provided evidence for them o be placed on their defence.

This is in a matter in which Mr Chanda is charged with the offence of using insulting language.

In this matter, Mr Chanda is accused of using insulting language against Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Officers.

In another count, Mable Chanda and Ruth Nakaundi are jointly accused of using insulting language repeatedly on ACC officers, a conduct likely to give provocation to the officers so as to cause them to break the peace or commit an offence.

The trio is further accused of having obstructed and delayed ACC officers in lawful exercise of their duty to search House number 67, Elm road, Woodlands.

But the accused have argued that at the close of the case, the evidence by the state did not prove the accusation.

They have argued that the officers were not stopped from doing their work and that no witness proved that he was insulted by Mr Chanda.

The accused have further argued that the arresting officer did not visit the crime scene making it difficult for him to convince the court.

This is according to the submission on case to answer filed by Mr Chanda’s lawyer.

The State is expected to give a reply before a ruling on case to answer on the March, 23rd  2022.