Chabanyama Councillor elect says it time to deliver

 Chabanyama Councillor elect says it time to deliver

United Party For National Development (UPND) Chabanyama Ward Councillor elect Moses Lungu says that it is time for him to start implementing the campaign promises that he made to the people of Chabanyama.

Mr Lungu said that he will ensure that he works on the sewer, drainage system and water supply which have been a challenge for a long time.

He said that the secret to achieving those challenges is through working together with the community as a team.

Mr Lungu said that implementation of projects in the ward will be easy because he is with the ruling government.

He said the promise to empower youths and women with various skills that will sustain their livelihood and help their families still stands.

“I’m a man of my words and believes in actions , I will ensure that the people who have given me the mandate do not regret choosing me,” he said.

Mr Lungu has also thanked the people of Chabanyama ward for trusting him with leadership and promises to develop the ward.

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