Census enumerators turnout, a wake up call-CCZ

 Census enumerators turnout, a wake up call-CCZ

By Staff writer
The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says government should monitor the current recruitment of public service workers which is an eye opener of the unemployment levels in the country.

In a statement, Council general secretary reverend Canon Emmanuel Chikoya said Council acknowledges government’s efforts in fighting unemployment in the country but believes there is need to grow and support the private sector which is key in supplementing its efforts in the same vein.

Commenting on the current recruitment of Enumerators that will help in the 2022 Census exercise, father Chikoya urged government to conduct the process in a transparent manner adding that this is the only way public confidence can be maintained.

“The turnout of over 20,000 candidates for aptitude test against the 3,000 that are needed for Lusaka only is alarming,” he said.

“But, it’s encouraging to see government recruiting in large numbers. Our hope is that government efforts will be supported and supplemented by the private sector,” he said.

And Mr C has called on the Church and small medium enterprises to promote entrepreneurship and long term jobs rather than focus on temporal jobs that offer temporal relief.

“Census jobs are temporal, they offer temporal relief. What we need are permanent jobs that are long term in nature, such jobs can be in investments or entrepreneurship. Therefore, all key stakeholders inclusive of the Church should all play a role in achieving this noble goal,” he said.