CEEC board dissolved

 CEEC board dissolved

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Minister Elias Mubanga yesterday dissolved the board of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Mr Mubanga said that the dissolution has been made because the outgoing board was illegally appointed by Former Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister contrary to the provisions of the CEEC Act number 9 of 2006.

He said that apart from being illegally appointed, the board had no representation from the youth, civil society organizations, the disabled and trade unions.

He explained that said this is contrary to the commission’s mandate of providing an integrated broad-based and inclusive empowerment of citizens.

Mr Mubanga said CEEC holds key to achieving Government’s objective of creating jobs through small and medium enterprise development.

He said the Ministry will soon begin the process of appointing a new board in accordance with the provisions of the CEEC Act.