CBU unions threaten to withdraw labour

 CBU unions threaten to withdraw labour

The Copperbelt University (CBU) unions have threatened to withdraw labour if they are not paid their March salaries in the next five days.

The workers who met Zambia Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) officials resolved that they will withdraw labour if management fails to pay them their March salaries on time.

The workers bemoaned that the delay by government to pay them their February salaries has led to double deductions by the banks a situation they said should have been avoided if government paid them on time.

Speaking during a meeting with lectures and other workers in Kitwe today, Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU) President Derrick Ntalasha said the three unions will give government five days to pay workers their March salaries as the law stipulates adding that failure to do so will resort to withdraw of labour.

Dr Ntalasha who is also stakeholder Union Spokesperson said the three unions namely CBUAU, Copperbelt University Senior Administrative and Technical Staff Union (CUSATSU) and the Copperbelt University and Allied Workers Union (CBUAWU) does not take pleasure in withdrawing labour but will continue to do so if government continues to delay salaries for the workers.

Dr Ntalasha said government should put its house in order and avoid diverting the money that the University generates to sponsor by elections.

“As long as government takes time to pay salaries, the workers will continue to call for protest to demand for salaries every 28th of every month. It is unacceptable to reduce respected lectures to dance for their money that they have a right to,” he said.

And ZCTU Vice President Elaston Njovu said government should not be a bad example with regards to salaries for public service workers.

Mr Njovu said that as long as workers are not paid on time they will always be industrial unrest that will lead to withdraw of labour.

He said it unacceptable for lectures to dance for the money that they have worked hard for.

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