CBU 3rd year student develops news App for The Independent Observer

 CBU 3rd year student develops news App for The Independent Observer

A third year Telecommunications Engineering student at the Copperbelt University Brian Kashiwa has developed the news Application (App) for The Independent Observer (tiozambia).

Developed nations like China and South Africa have really enhanced App programming by student to meet with the fast growing technology.

Mr Kashiwa is a signal that CBU houses talented students who even before they can graduate are able to program what most news consumers have been missing.

App development is a money raking business which has been ignored by the Zambian Government.

App development in modern times is a very good contributor to country’s Gross Demostic Products because most operations and equipment use customised software.

The Coperbelt University under its School of Engineering houses Telecommunications Engineering the exact faculty required to get the job.

Sadly, what we have seen is importing most programming related Apps such as traffic lights system, operations of various copper smelters in Zambia, even the failure to create our own online payment system like Paypal, Paygate and Payport among others.

The CBU Telecommunications Engineering deserves to be enhanced so that the country can get the juicy out of the many talented students that passes through it.

And students like Mr Kashiwa must defy laws of gravity to remain aflot amid many youths who wait on Government to create jobs for them.

With such capacity in Mr Kashiwa, all students like him need is a link to the market and in the next few years we will no longer import software expertise.

Download ‘tiozambia’ news App below or simply search for tiozambia on Google Play Store.


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