CB PF boss should stop politics of patronage

 CB PF boss should stop politics of patronage

Dear Editor
I write to urge Copperbelt Province Patriotic Front party boss Nathan Chanda who also doubles as Luanshya Mayor to stop the casual approach and politics of patronage when dealing with party matters in the province.
He should know that his team’s responsibility is to instill discipline much as to grow the party and make it juicy to the would be members and indeed its current members.
The current situation pertaining in Chingola is one such situation where Nathan has deliberately given a blind eye to issues affecting the effective running of the party which seemingly is in ICU currently.
There are pending disciplinary issues of some party leaders where their cases have just been shelved making members speculate, which is very unfortunate.
It is unacceptable to see a suspended Chingola Constituency Chairperson Mutale driving a party vehicle around with impunity, meaning there is no fear of reprimand for known reasons; patronage. Can Nathan be seen to instil discipline in the party.
The resignation of the then Chingola Constituency Vice Chairman Jeff Mwambatani recently should not be taken casually but seriously by the party hierarchy for doing so is digging your own grave. Don’t blind Lusaka people that all is well in Chingola when not.
With the general elections just barely one year away if this Covid 19 wont force postponement, going into elections in the current form will leave the party bruised and this is a well known fact by even officials in the district, surprisingly they are just spectators to their own problems instead of being the solution.
It is for this reason that i urge you Nathan Chanda to cleanse Chingola PF and stop the politics of patronage where it seems to be impossible to discipline some culprits for the sake of the party. Know that the party is bigger than an individual who pays for a position or protection.
Chingola is one such district with known but unresolved issues on the Copperbelt, how many more districts have such?
The responsibility on Nathan Chanda in managing the party affairs in the province to me seem to be so huge for him to manage and the party should therefore reflect on this urgently. Let us stop pretending that all is well.
Wisdom Muyunda


Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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