CB Minister disappointed with China Copper mine

 CB Minister disappointed with China Copper mine

Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo says that he is disappointed with the conditions that workers at China Copper mine are exposed to.

Mr Matambo said that while he appreciates the investment by the mine, workers are not treated like human beings.

The visit and tour of the mine was prompted by the protests that happened last month.

The Minister wanted to know what transpired because some workers got fired over the same protest.

Workers at CCM protested demanding for better payment and a proper toilet.

Mr Matambo  told the Assistant Mine Manager Yu Qi to bring back the 28 employees laid off because of the protest against the toilets and the salaries.

“The workers concerns are genuine because the toilet they were protesting over are filthy even my animals at the farm cannot use it, but you expect over 700 of your workers to use it. And most of the infrastructure around the mine looks temporary as if you guys will be leave tomorrow,” he said.

And Mr Matambo said that the mine under normal circumstances should not be operating because a lot of things are not on place.

He said that employing people should not be the passport to abuse and suppress their rights and vice versa.

Mr Matambo said that investors are needed but they should follow the labor rules and regulations of the country and work ethics.

Mr Matambo said that Government wants a win situation for both parties and has urged the management to harmonize on the work hours and improve on safety.

The Minister has gave the mine 30 days of which to improve the conditions of the workers, work on the toilet and Kitchen to better standards.

And speaking earlier to the Minister the worker’s want salary increments, working hours to be normalized and build normal toilets.

And Assistant General Manage Mr Yu Qi said that the company’s long term go is to save the people of Zambia and participate in the economic recovery plan.

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