Catholic Bishops say under no circumstances can acts of homosexuality be approved

 Catholic Bishops say under no circumstances can acts of homosexuality be approved

By Staff Writer
The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops says acts of homosexuality are contrary to the natural law and under no circumstances can they be approved.

ZCCB Secretary General Reverend Father Francis Mukosa says tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered as they close the sexual act to the gift of life and do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarily.

Father Mukosa said in this regard, the Church is called to provide appropriate assistance and accompaniment to all her erring children, including those with homosexual tendencies, so that they may learn to do what is right before God and men.

He said that many forces in society promote a view of sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular, that is contrary to God’s purpose and plan for human sexuality.

“Therefore, circulating on social media that contradicts the above position is the opinion of its own authors and does not engage the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops,” he said.

And, Operation Young Vote (OYV) has said that it is unfortunate if it is true, assertions that some individuals are championing an agenda that government wants to legalize homosexuality and sodomy with the view of making citizens loss confidence in the current leadership and bring government down.

OYV Executive Director Guess Nyirenda said that it is sickening and uncalled for to insinuate and allege through parading persons purported to have been involved in the unnatural conduct and widely circulating the same on social media, even when it is clear that the Zambian laws do not permit such.

Mr Nyirenda said that president Hakainde Hichilema and his government have been categorical on many occasions and platforms regarding Zambia’s stance religiously, socially, morally, legally and otherwise on homosexuality and sodomy or any act against the order of nature.

“It was is very concerning is the manner in which some sections of society have been so strategic to jump on anything they can brand or relate to homosexuality and sodomy even when some of similar happenings were started and enhanced in the previous regime,” he said.