Catherine’s fight goes to Mexico

 Catherine’s fight goes to Mexico
The World Boxing Council -WBC- Super Bantamweight gold title fight between Catherine Phiri and Yamileth Mercado of Mexico will be held in Mexico, not in Zambia.
The World Boxing Council  has ruled that the fight should be held in Mexico because Zambia’s technical aspect of putting up the fight does not tally with their standards.
Catherine , who is Former -WBC – World champion will challenge Mercado for the title in the Mexican city of Chihuahua on the March 21, 2020.
Speaking during a Press briefing in Lusaka Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions — Manager Christopher Malunga said the team will leave the country 10 days before the bout.
He said the  departure for Mexico will be done  early so that the boxer can have  enough time to train .
Malunga said Catherine is ready to challenge the Mexican for the title after upgrading her weight category.

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