Carnival Furniture directors plotting to escape the country

 Carnival Furniture directors plotting to escape the country

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has directed immigration officers to investigate three directors at carnival furniture who have allegedly sold company assets with a view of leaving the country without honouring the country’s labour laws.

Mr Lusambo who met some of the workers of the chain store at Manda Hill is disturbed that more than 200 workers are at risk of losing their jobs following the closure of five retail outlets in some parts of the country.

He said that the directors should not leave the country until they resolve issues regarding the fate of their workers.

Mr Lusambo said he will work with the Ministry Labour to ensure the employees get their dues in line with the labour laws.

He notes that a number of people in the Province have lost employment in similar circumstances in the last four months where some companies have left without notice.

According to the leader of Carnival furniture, Francis Mubanga, the directors of the chain store who have since gone into hiding have been selling assets of the company.

Mr Mubanga disclosed that the directors have kept the employees in the dark about the future of the chain store/ZANIS.


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