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Care for Nature Zambia is concerned that fish trade has continued in the Kalasa Mukoso and Bangweulu game management areas despite a fish ban been in effect.
Care For Nature Zambia Executive Director  Nsama Kearns told the Independent Observer that fish trade has continued in some game management areas like Kalasa Mukoso and Bangweulu despite the fish ban which is meant to control fish.
Ms Kearns said there is need to educate communities living in wetlands and islands on the importance of conserving fish and game in game  management areas to avoid depletion.
” As care for nature Zambia we believe in investing in humana capital than enforcing arrests because that only creates enmity between law enforcers and the community,” she said.
Ms Kearns said the constant fishing and selling of fish along the Bangweulu fisheries is due to the indigenous people’s traditional dependency on fishing to sustain their livelihoods.
“From time in memorial the ng’umbo speaking people who settled along the islands and wetlands have known no other trade apart from fishing, hunting and growing cassava. It is critical to educate and sensitized these communities on the significance of conserving our fish and wildlife species in order to give them time to multiply to avoid depletion,” she said.
She said  the  yearly fish ban will not be needed or effected  if communities living in game management areas understand the conservation concept and get involved in decision making, planning and management.
 Ms Kearns has therefore, urged the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to  consider investing in education and capacity building  and concenrate less on patrons because fish trade will  continue as most families depend on fish trade to survive.