C4 abducted me, repeatedly defiled me sexually 

 C4 abducted me, repeatedly defiled me sexually 


‘Victor Phiri popularly known as C4 abducted me while threatening me with a broken bottle then sexually defiled me,’ minor has told the Chingola Magistrate Court.

A-15-year old girl has narrated to Chingola Magistrate Pestone Chiluba how the notorious Jerabo C4 adducted her and sexually defiled her when she was coming from the market.

Particulars before court are that on August, 9 and 10, last year C4 had carnal knowledge of the minor without her consent contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

The minor told the court that on August 9, 2017 she was going home from the market around 19: 00 hours when she met C4.

Later the assailant  approached her with a sharp broken bottle which C4 broke in her eyes.

She said he grabbed her by the hand and threatened to stable her if she resisted.

The minor said while tagging each other another person known to her passby but was bribed with K50 and he left.

“He was still holding me by my hand with the bottle in his hand threating me when he took me to Lulamba to his apartmenent where is was renting.

“We entered his house in Lulamba and there was no one. He took me to his bedroom where he undressed and  undressed me thereafter he had sexual intercourse with me two times and the following day on August 10 in the morning he again had sexual knowledge of me,” she said.

The minor was then dressed and taken up by Taxi and left at Kaunda Square in Chiwempala.

She then narrated the ordeal to her brother and mother who later took her police station where a medical report was issued.

Then a manhunt was launched but his apartment was ever locked.

The minor’s elder brother also testified how her sister went missing on the August 9, 2017 and resurfaced on August 10, 2017 and how she narrated the story of what happened to her the previous day when she met C4.

Magistrate Mr Chiluba adjourned the matter to July 4, 2018 for continuous of trail.

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