Bwana Mukubwa marketeers angered

 Bwana Mukubwa marketeers angered

Bwana Mkubwa PF Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda says that marketeers are angered by the delayed in the construction of the new market at Old Mushili.

Dr Chanda said the construction has taken over two years, a situation which has led to loss of business due to displacement with merchandise being damaged by rains and dust.

He said that the repeated engagements with the contractor Triple V had proved frustrating as the contractor exhibited a negative attitude.

“Initially I used to go to the construction site with the Contractor until he stopped picking my calls from Lusaka where he is based just because I took him to task over delayed works and competency issues. Ndola City Council engineers have also complained about the negative attitude of the contractor,” he said.

The Lawmaker also disclosed that he had seen a letter of complaint written by the Contractor to the Ndola Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya complaining about the MP.

Dr Chanda revealed that a week ago he met with Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale and his Director Nkumbu Siame to present the frustrations of the marketeers at the delayed market construction.

“I wish to remind Triple V that I represent the poor marketeers and residents of Mushili, not Triple V. If airing the grievances of the poor people is disparaging them then so be it. I offer no apologies. All I want is to see is completion of the new market without delay so that marketeers can trade in a decent place and feed their families. This is in line with the pro-poor policies of the PF government.

“I recommended to the Ministry of Local Government to terminate the contract with this Lusaka based contractor Triple V based on performance, and award it to a competent locally based contractor. I’m still waiting to hear from them on the way forward,” he said.

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