Bwalya inducted into Barton College Hall of Fame

 Bwalya inducted into Barton College Hall of Fame

US Based former Zambia national tennis champion and Davis Cup player, Sydney Bwalya was inducted into the Barton Community College Athletics Hall of Fame this past weekend.

The Barton Community College Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievement by Barton Community College alumni, faculty, or staff in the areas of athletic achievement, coaching, or other noteworthy accomplishments as a member of the athletic department. The selection is based solely on what the individual accomplished while associated with Barton Community.

Bwalya who is currently based in Dallas, Texas and works as a tennis professional at T Bar M Racquet Club was one of the four inducted during a Hall of Fame ceremony that took place in the Kirkman building at the Barton College in Great Bend, Kansas on Saturday.

“It’s really a great honor, when I first started coaching years ago, I never envisioned this. I didn’t know I was going to be coaching for this many years and that I would stick with it. But to be recognized by my former college and Barton College athletics department is an honor,” he said.

Bwalya was inducted along with University of West Alabama tennis coach Jeff Beaman, Christi Rife -former basketball player and David Foss, a native of Great Bend and past President of the Barton Cougar Booster Club.

Barton County Community has been home for many Zambian student athletes starting from the time Bwalya was recruited by coach Jeff Beaman in 2000.

Other notable Zambian players who have previously managed to showcase their tennis skills at Barton Community College on scholarships include former Zambia number one player-Lighton Ndefwayi, former Zambian top junior maestro Thembani Mbazima and female tennis stalwart Idah Longwe.

Other student athletes currently attending Barton Community College on sports scholarship include James Kaoma and Barnabas Kalaba-tennis and Joshua Longwe – soccer.