Business lesson learnt from Liverpool vs Barcelona

By Ellison K Bwalya
Always be careful on how you handle wins of previous battles.

This is amplified on how Goliath was intoxicated with previous wins in the battles. The case was the same with Barcelona FC. The toddler David was never moved by the previous wins for Goliath.

In short, it is not about the experience, rather the strategy, heart, preparation and determination, you can do the impossible.

Don’t look at the defeat as a reference, but be focused on what you want to achieve.

It’s not who you play, but how you play at any given chance.

Sometimes breakthrough comes from where you faced defeat in the previous attempt, this shouldn’t discourage you to be disillusioned by defeat, rather work on your weakness and improve on your agility.

Picking victory in the face of emanate defeat is more sweeter than from the obvious battle front.

To Barcelona like businesses, remember that complacency is the worst enemy of success.