Burning Kakaindu police is act of thuggery

Deputy Inspector General of police In-Charge of Administration Eugene Sibote says the burning down of a Police Station in Kalumbila as an act of thuggery.

Mr Sibote who is in Kalumbila District to check on the security situation said the burning and attacking of police officers at Kakaindu Police Post on Friday January 31, 2020 was a pure act of thuggery a few individuals.

He said Police will ensure that the suspects meet the full wrath of the law.

Five suspects have so far been picked in connection with the incident and police have launched a manhunt for two others.

“People should understand that when you attack the Police in a particular area, you are also attacking the other sectors of society which depend on the police for security,” he said.

He said innocent citizens including criminals themselves suffer when police officers are withdrawn from communities.

“What do you benefit when you attack the police and destroy your own infrastructure which was built to serve you?”

He urged members of the public to always engage authorities whenever they felt aggrieved than destroying public property.

The Deputy Police Chief said police always exercised restraint whenever they were attacked and people should never take that for granted or as a weakness.

“We can also respond at any given time whenever we are attacked or when our lives are threatened but we always exercise restraint,” he said.

Mr Sibote who was accompanied the North-western Police Commissioner, Hudson Namachila and Kalumbila District Commissioner Robinson Kalota visited Manyama and kisasa to make sure that calm was restored in the areas.

He assured the communities of adequate police presence both during the day and at night.

Kakaindu Police Post was constructed in 2015 and police areas including Lumwana Mine, Lumwana East, part of Maheba and other surrounding areas leading to Mumbezhi.

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