Burial space at Chiwempala cemetery raises concerns

 Burial space at Chiwempala cemetery raises concerns

Some residents of Chingola have bemoaned lack of toilets and mourners shelters at Chiwempala and Kasompe cemeteries.

The residents have wondered why the Local Authority has not put up the mourners shelters and toilets at the two cemeteries despite colleting levies from the people.

One of the residents Jailos Mwape said that it is difficult to carry out the burial processions especially in the rainy season without shelters.

Mr Mwape has appealed to the Local Authority to quickly look into the matter before the rainy season commences.

Another resident Judith Mwaba said that lack of toilets at Chiwempala is a serious challenge especially to women.

Ms Mwaba stressed out that women always find it difficult whenever they want help themselves.

“As Women it is very difficult to find a place to ease ourselves because the cemetery is almost full and most of the area has been covered, so the local Authority should improve the standards of the resting place for departed ones as there should be dignity in the way they are laid to rest,” she said.

When contacted for a comment, Chingola Mayor Johnson Kang’ombe said that he is aware of the challenges the people are passing through and promised to address the issue.

“We are aware of the challenge at Chiwempala cemetery, the cemetery is almost full and it was supposed to be moved to Kamuchanga area but we thought that it is too far, so we are engaging KCM so that we can be given four Hector’s of the Land and prolong the cemetery,” he said.

The Mayor has called on Chingola residents to exercise patience as he also engages Director of Public Health and see where they can put up a mourners shelter and toilets.