Bupalo Councillor jabs Chingola Mayor

 Bupalo Councillor jabs Chingola Mayor

By Staff Writer
PF Bupalo Ward Councillor Nelius Mumba could not hide his excitement after his preferred candidate Kennedy Simpansa was elected as Chingola Deputy Mayor beating Martha Chanda.

According to Mr Mumba, Ms Chanda was a puppet candidate organized by Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo aimed at subduing other Councillors.

In revolt Mr Mumba and other PF Councillors enticed the seven UPND Councillors to rally behind the strong willed Mimbula Ward Councillor Kennedy Simpasa.

During the PF intra party primary elections Mr Simpasa had gotten one vote against Ms Chanda’s 11 but still went for the main polls.

All his friends had shunned the primary polls but came during the full Council and gave the other camp a jibe they least expected where Mr Simpasa got 17 votes while Ms Chanda polled 10.

After the process, Mr Mumba took a jab at Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo using social media to express his own thoughts.

“Titus Tembo the Chingola Mayor is the reason why Chingola is like this good or bad depending on how you perceive the current situations in the district. I will reserve my opinion and respect yours too, the least is not mine to judge,”

However his swipe did not sit well with most of his Facebook followers.

Van Wyk Mumba Please remove this post. Approach Titus Tembo and have a discussion. As a party we expect unity of purpose and lets avoid social media as a platform to resolve our issues. Sit n discuss and agree on the way forward…regards VW 2021

Lewis Mwansa If you say TEMBO has failed, You also you have failed. It’s you to help him perform
Give him tough time he’ll stand and perform. Mulamutina Mayor wenu pakuti muleisa pa Media.
Mind you it’s not the Mayor hu is failing It’s the party. you decampaining the party friends. Follow him in his office and tell him where he nids to perform. I rest my case Hide or report this


Immanuel Sakala It’s not Titus who has failed it’s all you Councillors who have failed us, because you have never put him to task, you are just good at Facebook

Benard Mwiche If the Tembo has failed how Councillors claim success can. Chingola has become a shanty compound. We mourn ba Sata. If he was around Kitwe /Chingola Rd. Would have been completed.

Haggai Kambole Let’s not do the blame game here, we all know that yes the life blood of this town is KCM and this is where the council gets much revenue for effective and efficient service delivery. Now that KCM issue will be sorted out I for see a better Chingola also let’s insure our local contractors benefit in these infrastructure development going on . the other thing is let’s promote diversification in this town.

Top of Form

Humphrey Kabwe Your hon why are you speaking in parables? Tell us the truth.

Chingola is dead. There is nothing happening in Chingola district apart from few roads been rehabilitated

Collins Mupeta Snr Van Wyk Mumba Nelius Mumba is right a spade is a spade and a folk is a folk

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Van Wyk Mumba Collins Mupeta Snr thanks kanabesa. Natulanda pa phone. Natotela mukwai

Albert Siwale Our Mayor has completed failed he is a failure Chingola constituency is bad together with his MP and Councillors their all failures look at Nchanga the Councillors are vibrant and awake thing their at least


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