Broadcasting Stations commended

 Broadcasting Stations commended

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has commended broadcasting stations in the country for their coverage of the just ended general elections, particularly from polling day, up to the time of the declaration of the winner.

IBA director General Josephine Mapoma says the authority observed that generally, a number of broadcasting stations covered the just ended elections in an ethical and professional manner.

Ms Mapoma adds IBA is gratified to note that broadcasting stations aided and allowed for a peaceful co-existence, through the manner in which they covered elections.

“This largely contributed to holding of peaceful elections, as there was no sensational reporting. Prior to the elections, the Authority conducted countrywide capacity building programs for broadcasting stations in election reporting, which acted as a catalyst to professional conduct. To this effect, the Authority wishes to thank all stakeholders, state and non-state actors that played a role in conducting capacity building for different media personnel,” she said.

Ms Mapoma said that IBA has reiterated its call to all broadcasting stations to continue to work in an ethical and professional manner in accordance with the IBA Act even now that the elections have come to an end.

This is according to statement issued by The Independent Broadcasting Authority director general Josephine Mapoma.