Bring Vendata calls suspicious-Kangwa

 Bring Vendata calls suspicious-Kangwa

Socialist Party on the Copperbelt says the incessant calls for return of Vedanta Group in Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) by few groupings of Copperbelt “residents” which appear to be stage-managed by some people are becoming very suspicious.

On June, 28th some youths and Clergymen in Chingola presented their petition to have Government bring back Vendata in KCM.

And SP Copperbelt Spokesperson Joseph Kangwa said that it is becoming suspicious in the sense that the people who are staging in solidarity of Vedanta group are neither KCM employees nor contactors’ workers.

Mr Kangwa said that the silence of the government about these unsubstantiated solidarity match pasts in favor of Vedanta and the delay to give its position on KCM raises a lot of questions.

“It gives a benefit of doubt as to why government would not have been the mastermind of these calls. Presumably, the government may have decided to give back KCM to Vedanta group but they fear how people will react to that unfriendly news as United Party for National Development (UPND) leadership is very inconsistent. What a shame!” he said.

The Socialists have since challenged the UPND government to give their stance on KCM adding that they should stop abusing people by giving them peanuts just for their agenda to return Vedanta group in KCM.

“Let them just openly come out and tell the people if they have resolved to return the failed investor or not instead of using innocent people. The Zambian people deserve to know. However, no matter how much Vedanta group may offer to this country which they did not do, Zambian people should not expect much from them as all investors are in transit and their interest are always profit maximization,” he said.