Bring peace in your reporting Journalist urged

 Bring peace in your reporting Journalist urged


Mufurila District Electoral Officer Packson Banda has emphasised the need for the media to report truthful and bring peace in their reporting for the coming polls.

Speaking at a media briefing held at Pamodzi girls Secondary School in Mufurila yesterday, Mr Banda took time to explain the role of the media and other stakeholders in the electoral process.

Mr Banda said that the media should maintain professional ethics and balance in their news coverage.

He said the media should not incite violence, hatred , tribalism and religious division in their reporting.

Mr Banda also said that the police should also ensures that they maintain law and order in the coming general elections.

“ The police, the media, monitors, Observers, Civil Society and other stakeholders, let’s ensure that we discharge our duties according to the electoral Code of Conduct of the ECZ,” he said.

He said the Commission in collaboration with other stakeholders should provide maximum participation in the electoral process.

Mr Banda said that voters should ensure that they cast their votes and political parties to subscribe through the declaration of electoral Code of Conduct.

He urged all stakeholders to play their part so that the nominations and the elections can be conducted in an olderly manner.

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