Bribery index increase by 0.9 percent-ACC

 Bribery index increase by 0.9 percent-ACC

Anti-Corruption Commissioner (ACC) says the 2019 overall Aggregate for Bribery index has recorded a 0.9 percent increment at 10.9 percent from the 2017 report.

With Zambia police Service at the top of the list, this is according to the 2019 Zambia Bribery payers Index (ZBPI) in collaboration with Transparency International Zambia report based on twenty Two Public Sector Institutions.

ACC Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Muwana Mukamba said five institution ranking in corruption are Zambia Police Service – excluding Traffic Section at 59.5 percent, followed by Zambia Police Service Traffic section at 40.7 percent.

Other are Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATS) 38.7 percent, local Authorities (Councils) 22.9 percent and the Ministries for Education (General and Higher Education at 22.1 respectively.

Mr Mukamba said that an individual has a 10.9 percent likely to pay a bribe when seeking a service from a public institution.

He was speaking at a meeting with government head of Department in Chingola saying that the figures are showing that the corruption cases are worsening which is not good.

Mr Mukamba said the chances of being asked for a bribe in Public Sectors Institutions are high because people do not voice out over corruption when they are asked to give a bribe.

He urged the people to desist from corruption starting at individual levels as it is everyone’s responsibility to fight Corruption.

Transparency International Zambia Legal Officer Bernadette Samulela said they have people’s engagement and advocacy programs which sensitize people in communities about corruption and its effects.

Ms Samulela said this is to tackle corruption related issues and educate people more on such matters as some may be ignorant or lack information on the same.

Speaking on Behalf of the District Commissioner Maximillian Makasa said ZBPI report findings are an important indicator in the fight against Corruption as data contained in it is of high value.

Mr Makasa said that the information enables us to draw up programs aimed at tackling the corruption scourge.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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