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The desires of our hearts are always ample, immense and far reaching. 

They push us all the way even when we lack the capacity to fulfill them. None would smile in hopeless adventures, baseless dreams and retrogressive decisions. This mirrors the resolve to approach our intentions in reality and optimism. 

Though not easy, the initiative must be taken- to transform the inner self to understand the scope of strength in achieving success.

On the other hand, there is reason to make attempts. Through this, we subject ourselves to challenges that would otherwise elevate us to a worthy status. 

These challenges ought not to be hurdles but rather bumps that only compel us to slow down. Many a teenagers give up just a few miles to the touch line. Regrettably, they abandon success while on the verge of it. Candidly, why must one throw in the towel when about to celebrate?

Success is never as easy as ABC.  It calls for resilience, hard work and tolerance. We should never subscribe to any net work of wishes but press the button of courage. Consistency and clear cut priority are demanded in the field of achievement. There is not any thing as sweet as success especially when realized after bitter experiences. Every one has the ingredient but good fire is not with every one. There is urgency to go the extra mile to find the fire of continuity.

It is everyone’s desire to prosper. The young view it as the diet of the old- something never in their menu. They end up inviting failure consequently suffering before their suffering time. They rarely believe that everyone has a role to play in life. It is apparent that early achievers achieve more in their life time. Failures are despised, rejected and dejected in the presence of their juniors.

Truth be said, success uplifts one’s status. It prepares one wholly. In academics, it enhances one’s prowess in understanding the basic concepts, making decisions and dealing with real life threats such as failure, drugs and stress. Prosperity therefore, is one’s resolve to deviate from the social chaos and emotional stress.

In the light of all these, it is never done until done. Every society must work as a team to realize societal goals. They have to invite their inner selves to capture the whisper of their hearts, listen to their own murmurs and resolve to taste their own sweat. This could be through tolerance and acceptance.

It is time you stood for the desires of your hearts. Nothing ever pays more than that. This would open the window of hope. The target would be hit only when the conscience is entirely hired and negligence is suspended. Many a people have made it under your watchful eyes. It is time to prosper. Fine tune the desire of your heart- never let it frustrate you.

Decide to be your desire. None can desire evil for it is against success. All the resources for excellence are in the mind. Pick your own key and unlock the resources. Will you give yourself a chance to succeed? It pays to. Irrelevant, emotion based desires are always easy to come by – resist the temptation. Take the desire of purpose and break your doom to boom. It is time to achieve your desire.  Hesitate not. Be the driver of your own great success.

‘Solemn Voice‘ column comes every Thursday. It captures the excesses in our society through realisation of some of the hidden and obvious oversights in our midst. It redefines the meaning of destiny of purpose for an elaborate, far reaching and objective based society.

THE SOLEMN VOICE insists that none of us should run away from making our society better than it is currently.
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