Bread of Life Church – Chingola to be officially opened

 Bread of Life Church – Chingola to be officially opened

Bread of Life Church International Chingola branch to officially open and dedicated the church to the Lord this Saturday.

The 800 seating capacity, multi-facility sanctuary which has been under construction since 2013 is undoubtedly one of the modern church buildings the town of Chingola is having.

The Resident Pastor, Pastor Christopher Maboshe said the church has been built in the midst of the economic hardships the town has endured for the past five years.

“We have seen the hand of God in all this. We started building at a time when the economy of Chingola was bad and we only had 150 members. By God’s grace, and the leadership and inspiration of our overseer Bishop Joseph Imakando, we have reached this far,” Pastor Maboshe said.

He noted that the church is a symbol of hope and excellence for Chingola, a place where people can believe that God answers prayers and that he can lift the living standards of the people and a city as a whole.

Pastor Maboshe said, “The church will not only be the place where they receive salvation of their souls, deep prayers, physical and emotional healing, but it will be a centre of possibilities, where you come out believing anything is possible with Christ. People will come and experience the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ regardless of who they are, rich or poor.

He emphasized that the church was open to everyone who needed its services and facilities, be it government or civil in the Chingola.

He thanked everyone who has participated in the building process among them the local government, general membership of the church and those outside Bread of Life Church.

“I would like to urge everyone in Chingola and even those outside to come and be part of the dedication service of the church. This facility is for the city and not just the members of this church. Everyone is welcome.” Pastor Maboshe added.

The building has facilities such as bookshop, café and kitchen, offices, media Centre, youth and fellowship halls that will enable one on one meetings as well as hosting of corporate business functions, live music recordings, children’s classes, widows and OVCs empowerment programmes and weddings, among other things.




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