Brazilian Govt awards 30 Agri Scholarships to Zambian students

 Brazilian Govt awards 30 Agri  Scholarships to Zambian students

The Brazilian Government has awarded 30 Agri business scholarships to Zambian students.

Prior to commencement of studies in Brazil in February, 2021, successful Zambian students are expected to undertake a Portuguese course which is the official language, in the course of this year.

Ms Beatriz Augusta, Chief of Education Division in the Brazilian Government told Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil, Dr Alfreda Kansembe- Mwamba that with the 30 scholarships offered to Zambian students, a meritorious universal selection process is required to pick deserving candidates.

Speaking at the Ministry of Education in Brazil during a meeting held with the Zambian Envoy, Ms Augusta said the students who meet the criteria will be required to undergo free Portuguese lessons before traveling to Brazil for 5 weeks.

The Brazilian Government expects Zambia to provide a learning facility in Lusaka where deserving students will have to undertake a course in Portuguese language.

And Ambassador Mwamba has thanked Brazil for awarding the 30 Agri business scholarships to Zambia.

She is delighted that Brazil has offered scholarships in a field of study to Zambian students in Agriculture, which is expected to drive the economy of Zambia.

She has pledged to work hand-in-hand with the Higher Education Ministry in Lusaka to ensure a transparent selection process is employed so that only the best and deserving students are sent to Brazil.

Dr  Mwamba said the students will study at the University of Centro Patos de Minas (UNIPAM) which is accredited to the Daniel Franco Institute (IDF).

In November last year, the Zambian Government signed a Protocol on livestock and Agri business with Brazil through the IDF for Zambian students to acquire advanced studies in Agri business courses and livestock.

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